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I have enjoyed baking from the time I was a small girl. Whether it was with my grandmother, mother, or father, I have many fond memories that took place in our kitchen. My desire to bake started as something small; cookies for the holidays, cakes for birthdays, cupcakes for co-workers.  As time has passed, my passion for baking has grown.  I recieve so much joy seeing the excitement on someone's face when presented with a custom baked creation.  Whether it's a christening, birthday, wedding or retirement, each celebration is special and should be honored as such.  At the Queen's Bakery we will strive to exceed your expectations every time!


The Queen's Bakery is a small, locally owned, home-based buisness growing out of passion and determination.  We specialize in cupcakes, cookies, and cakes.  All creations are baked upon order and made specifically for each request. We understand how important all of life's events are and take great pride in making each one of them unique and memorable.  As our customer, you can count on us listening to your design ideas to make your baked creation something to remember.


The Queen's Bakery

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